Preserving Our Communities for Future Generations

This is our land. These are our communities. As a member of the communities we serve, Hiland Dairy is dedicated to caring for the land and putting in place programs to improve sustainability. In addition to our recycling efforts at our plants, Hiland actively seeks opportunities to implement more complex programs at individual plants. We have done so at our plant in Chandler, Oklahoma.

Chandler Wastewater Recycling Program

Hiland's Chandler plant is unique: It has a wastewater recycling facility on site, as well as 620 acres of land surrounding the plant facility. Hiland has used these two resources to maintain a longstanding closed-loop sustainability program.

Chandler Tea Bag Recycling Program

Seeking to reduce landfill waste produced by tea bags used to make Red Diamond Tea at Hiland's Chandler plant, Hiland invested $30,000 in equipment to recycle used tea bags as fertilizer that revitalizes the soil surrounding the plant. So far, the program has shown excellent results.

It starts with a simple step and before you know it, all of your efforts to reduce waste and environmental impact really add up.