Fresh, Local Milk and Healthful Dairy Items

Hiland Dairy's products have absolutely NO artificial growth hormones. And, our milk is tested for antibiotics and contains no high-fructose corn syrup.

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Smart Snacks

Hiland is your dairy partner when it comes to smart snack options for your students. Kids love delicious and nutritious Hiland Dairy Milk – especially our flavored milks – as a healthful treat. You can also offer our irresistible yogurts, available in Greek, lowfat or fat-free options, to give kids a nourishing boost during the school day.


We know that cooking up tasty, nutritious meals is your No. 1 goal. That’s why Hiland Dairy offers our delicious, fresh dairy ingredients in the sizes your school needs. You can cook for the masses with Hiland’s full gallons of milk, as well as our 5-lb. containers of yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream.


Trust Hiland Dairy to provide fresh, pure and delicious products for kids' entrées. From our muscle-building plain and flavored milks to our cool and refreshing cottage cheese and yogurts, you can count on Hiland Dairy to give school entrées a protein- and vitamin-packed boost.

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