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Old Fashioned Custard

Hiland Dairy Old Fashioned Custard is a popular holiday beverage in the South, especially with people who don’t care for the nutmeg and other flavors in traditional eggnog. Hiland Dairy Old Fashioned Custard tastes like "melted vanilla ice cream" and is the ultimate comfort food. It’s a rich and creamy beverage packed with calcium and protein, made from farm-fresh Hiland milk. It is delicious to drink alone, or use it as a base for homemade eggnog.

Hiland Dairy Old Fashioned Custard Serving Suggestions

  • Use in custard pies, banana pudding or rice pudding.
  • Pour over cake to moisten it and add extra flavor.
  • Use in bread pudding (custard is quite sweet, so it can replace the sugar).
  • Pour over peppermint ice cream in a meringue shell.
  • Use as a sauce for desserts, including crumbles and cobblers.

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