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Cream Cheese

The Ultimate Snacking Companion

Your favorite cream cheese just got even better! Five new flavors, along with the original, are now conveniently packaged in a ready-to-go container. The perfect pairing for your snacking adventures. And don't worry, our delicious original cream cheese is still available in the 8 oz. block.

Original Cream Cheese

Garden Veggie Cream Cheese

Onion and Chive Cream Cheese

Honey Vanilla Cream Cheese

Salted Caramel Cream Cheese

Strawberry Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese

Sweet Pepper with Cream Cheese Filling

Sweet Peppers, Sliced in Half

Hiland Dairy Garden Veggie
Cream Cheese Spread

Crackers and Onion and Chive Dip

Triscuits or Your Favorite Cracker

Hiland Dairy Onion and Chive
Cream Cheese Spread

Strawberry and Honey Vanilla Cream Cheese Snacks

Triscuits or Your Favorite Cracker

Strawberries and Honey

Hiland Dairy Honey Vanilla
Cream Cheese Spread

Pretzel Sticks and Strawberry Cream Cheese Dippers

Pretzel Sticks or Braids

Hiland Dairy Strawberry
Cream Cheese Spread

Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Dippers


Mini Naan Bread with Hiland Dairy Butter and Cinnamon and Sugar

Hiland Dairy Salted Caramel
Cream Cheese Spread

Bagel Bites with Blackberry Cream Cheese Dip

Bagels, Torn into Pieces

Hiland Dairy Original
Cream Cheese Spread