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Nothing beats the rich, creamy taste of fresh Hiland Dairy Butter. Whether you serve it with bread or use it in your beloved recipes, only Hiland Dairy Butter and spreads give you and your family a fresh goodness you can taste and see.

Grab a pound or tub today!


When you want to add the fresh taste of real cream or half-and-half to your drinks and dishes, you need Hiland Dairy. Once you experience the fresh, wholesome difference of Hiland Dairy creams and half-and-half you'll wonder how you cooked without it.

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Check out the ingredients list on Hiland Dairy cheese and you'll see items you recognize. That's because Hiland Dairy cheese is made from real, wholesome milk. From Colby Jack to Sharp Cheddar, Mozzarella or Mexican Blend when you want real, good cheese, buy Hiland Dairy.

Pick up a block or bag at your local grocery store today!

Cottage Cheese

At Hiland Dairy, we know how to make fresh, tasty cottage cheese that you and your kids crave. We lightly salt our cottage cheese to highlight the fresh flavor of the local, hormone-free Hiland Dairy milk it's made from.

Try one of our varieties of cottage cheese today – and we think you'll agree it tastes great!

Dairy Free Options

If you're unable to enjoy dairy milk due to an allergy or other reason, Hiland's dairy-free options made from natural almonds or soybeans can give you the rich, silky experience you're looking for. So whether you want to add a splash to your morning coffee or cereal or are cooking up something delicious, vitamin- and protein-packed Hiland Almond and Soy options offer a tasty, nutritious alternative to dairy milk!


Hiland Dairy dips add zip to any snack. Whether you're planning a pre-game party or just looking for a little something to spice up your chip routine, our fresh flavors are sure to satisfy. Made with real, wholesome Hiland Dairy sour cream, once you dip a chip, you'll wonder how you snacked so long without it.

Serve our Southwest Ranch, Jalapeño Fiesta or French Onion Dips at your next gathering – they'll be the hit of the party!

Fruit Drinks

When kids get thirsty, look out! They want delicious fruit flavor. And Hiland Dairy fruit drinks have the flavor and the variety kids crave!

Ice Cream

With so many tempting flavors and varieties of Hiland ice cream, it's hard to pick just one. From a bountiful assortment of velvety ice creams to light and refreshing sherbets to impossibly good frozen yogurt, there's something to delight any palate.

Iced Coffee

Hiland Dairy Iced Coffees combine coffee with wholesome, healthy milk and add in rich flavors like mocha, caramel and vanilla to create a delicious, creamy beverage you are sure to enjoy!


Hiland Dairy starts your morning off right with smooth, refreshing regular or calcium-fortified orange juice. Grab a gallon, half-gallon or six pack container at your local grocery store or mini-mart today!

Lactose Free Milk

Cook with it. Bake with it. Splash it on your cereal or in your coffee. Hiland Dairy Lactose Free Milks gives you that mighty milk magic—without the lactose!


Nothing refreshes quite like the tart-but-sweet taste of good old-fashioned lemonade. Pick some up today—your whole family will love you for it!


Creamy, smooth and packed full of nine essential nutrients, Hiland Dairy Milk comes from local dairy farms and does not contain artificial growth hormones. Whether you pour it over cereal, mix it with your coffee or fill your child's sippy cup, Hiland Dairy Milk tastes good and is good for you.

Grab a gallon or easy-to-pour quart of Hiland Dairy Milk for your fridge today!

Organic Milk

Wholesome and healthy Hiland Organic Milks are USDA certified organic. Our dairy cows graze in clover-rich pastures that are protected from pesticides and fertilizers. And, like all Hiland milks, Hiland Organic Milk is produced with no artificial growth hormones and is tested for antibiotics. So, it not only tastes as good as you expect, it’s also good for you – with 8 grams of protein and 9 essential nutrients in every serving.

Red Diamond Tea

Red Diamond Tea, distributed by Hiland Dairy, offers you the best in sweetened or sugar-free iced tea. And now we're adding new flavors and sizes -- including Sweet Peach Tea, Sweet Raspberry Tea and Sweet Lemon Tea, as well as our new 57oz. decanter! So if you want great-tasting tea in a variety of delicious flavors and convenient sizes, look for the Red Diamond!

School Milk

Hiland Dairy School Milks are both nutritious and delicious. And it’s no wonder both kids and their parents prefer the Hiland brand – our school milks contain NO high-fructose corn syrup, absolutely NO artificial growth hormones!


The holidays are a great time to kick-up your daily routine a notch with decorations and fun activities. So why not kick-up your fridge with fun and delicious seasonal products from Hiland Dairy!

Sour Cream

Hiland Dairy Sour Cream adds a fresh and tangy zip to all your soups and side dishes. Whether you prefer regular or fat-free, you'll love the farm-fresh, wholesome taste of Hiland Dairy Sour Cream on your table.

Bring home a container of award-winning Hiland Dairy Sour Cream today!


Hiland Dairy cultured yogurt starts with fresh, wholesome skim milk. We add a special bacteria culture and irresistible flavors to create a powerhouse of calcium and protein that tastes good and promotes digestive health.

Try Hiland Dairy Regular or Sugar-Free Yogurt today!