Choose Local. Choose Hiland.

For nearly 80 years, Hiland has been your local, hometown dairy. Our milk is a staple in your family's fridge, as well as in our own. And, with our school milk program, we supply schools with wholesome Hiland milk to help Nebraska kids grow up healthy and strong.

We're proud that Hiland milk comes from our 90 Nebraska cooperative dairy owners. Our milk is processed right at our local plant, where your friends or family members might work. That means when you choose Hiland, you're not only choosing farm-fresh milk, you're also choosing milk produced in Nebraska, so you're supporting your local farmers and your community's Hiland employees.

Quality Chekd to a Higher Standard

You may have noticed that Hiland Dairy products carry the Quality Chekd logo. Quality Chekd member dairies supply products that are safe and of the highest quality. Hiland has promised to uphold this goal, and the Quality Checkd trademark on our products is an endorsement of our commitment to food safety and quality. For more information about Quality Chekd, please visit

Save on Hiland Dairy Products

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