U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Athletes

Meet Milk Life Athletes, Fueled by Hiland Dairy

Team USA athletes spend years enduring arduous training and nutrition schedules to perfect their athletic ability, readying their bodies for the mental and physical trials awaiting them at the Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Milk is a nutrient powerhouse. It’s essential nutrients and natural protein help fuel Team USA athlete’s during training and competition. Hiland Dairy is proud to stand by Milk Life and promote the health and performance benefits of milk through their partnership with Team USA and Jonathan and Courtney, two outstanding U.S. Olympians.

Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan Garcia, U.S. Olympic Speedskater and native of Houston, Texas, grew up drinking milk — a glass in the morning with his cereal, as an afternoon snack and at night before bed. As Jonathan’s passion for skating grew, milk always held a prominent position in his dietary planning. Mixing milk with his morning shakes supplies him with extra carbs and calcium that help fuel his body and strengthen his bones, preparing him for the pinnacle of his training efforts: Representing Team USA at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

Jonathan currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is pursuing his dream of winning a gold medal for Team USA. When he’s not out on the ice or training with weights, his schedule includes recovery sessions, meal plans and plenty of rest.

Outside of training for the Olympic Winter Games, Jonathan plays the guitar and is an avid cyclist. He also loves music, Star Wars and Houston sports. It’s easy to see how a U.S. Olympian with such a busy schedule needs milk throughout the day to help fuel his energy and protein levels.

Courtney Frerichs

For U.S. Olympian Courtney Frerichs, milk has always played an important role in physical development. Originally from Nixa, Missouri, Courtney remembers drinking milk every day at school and in the evenings with dinner to help build strong, healthy bones. She still includes a glass of milk with every major meal and snack to provide her body with the nutrients needed to maximize her athletic health and ability.

“Milk is a very important part of my diet,” Courtney said. “I cook with it, I mix it with my coffee and cereal at breakfast, I make smoothies with it and love drinking it by itself. It’s such a great source of calcium and helps ensure that my bones are strong for all my running!”

Courtney currently trains in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her husband, Griffin Humphreys. She spends her days pushing and motivating herself to always do better. Milk, she said, helps keep her body and mind prepared for whatever hurdles she must overcome to become the best version of herself.