Links We Like

  • Hiland Ice Cream

    There’s nothing quite like rich, creamy ice cream. Explore your favorite flavors at Hiland Ice Cream.

  • Quality Chekd Dairies

    Next to every Hiland Dairy product label you’ll see the Quality Chekd symbol, ensuring that our dairy products have been approved for freshness and quality by Quality Chekd, a third party testing association.

  • Prairie Farms Dairy

    Hiland Dairy is incorporated by Prairie Farms Dairy, a farmer-owned cooperative committed to producing fresh, wholesome dairy products.

  • Dairy Farmers of America

    Hiland Dairy is also incorporated by the Dairy Farmers of America, one of the nation’s largest farmer-owned dairy cooperatives.

  • Midwest Dairy
  • Healthy Weight with Dairy

    Helpful information about the role dairy plays in healthy weight management.

  • National Dairy Council

    Learn about the latest dairy research, browse recipes and discover helpful health tips from the National Dairy Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to healthy living through dairy products.

  • Built With Chocolate Milk

    Discover why chocolate milk may be the best after-workout recovery drink on the market.